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Safety Turtle
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For your peace of mind
Safety Turtle helps to protect your children. Safety Turtle is the only safety device that protects your children from water accidents by sounding an alarm the instant he or she falls or ventures into the water. Safety Turtle is an effective "last line of defense" to protect your children. Simply lock the Turtle wristband around your child's wrist. If he or she falls into the water, a loud alarm will sound at the Base Station. A Standard Safety Turtle alarm system consists of one Base Station (AC powered) and one or more Turtle wristbands. The Base Station should be placed inside the house, within 100 feet (30 meters) of the pool or body of water. Turtle wristbands are available in six attractive colors. Any number of Turtles of the same color can be used with one Base Station. All your safety concerns are addressed in the design of Safety Turtle. The Turtle wristband locks securely around your child's wrist, using the key provided. A loud alarm instantly sounds at the Base Station when the Turtle is immersed in water. The alarm continues to sound until it is reset. Your child is protected even while the pool is in use or is being cleaned. The Turtles are permanently sealed and are rugged to withstand children's play. Children enjoy wearing the colorful Turtle wristbands. A User Guide provides clear and full instructions on how to use Safety Turtle. The unique features of Safety Turtle make it convenient and easy to use. No installation in the pool is required. There is no need to turn the system off when the pool is in use or when it is being cleaned. Safety Turtle can easily be taken to another pool, to a boat, or to the cottage. (Please be aware that Safety Turtle is not suitable for use in sea water and its effectiveness in pools decreases when salt content exceeds 4000 ppm.) Inserting a Baby Turtle plug into the Base Station sets it to recognize Turtles of a matching color. By using different colors of Turtle, neighbors can enjoy the benefits of Safety Turtle without triggering each other's alarms. A matching Baby Turtle is included with each Turtle wristband. The alarm volume can be reduced temporarily for testing. Spray from lawn sprinklers won't trigger the alarm. The Turtle has a battery life of at least four years when used every day. Toll free customer service is available for your convenience. Order Now! WARRANTY Terrapin Communications Inc. warrants to the original purchaser* that if any manufacturing defect becomes apparent in this product, it will be replaced free of charge as follows: Base Station 12 months from original date of purchase. Turtle Wristband 6 months from original date of purchase. Damage or the effects of misuse are not covered by this warranty. Price includes Base Station and one Turtle wristband. $229.80 Extra Wristbands are $73.80 each.
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