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Outstanding NIOSH-Approved Protection TC-84 A-3320
The Promask 2000 Full Facepiece Respirator is designed to meet the critical hazards encountered in Civil Defense, First Responder, Health Care, Decontamination Line and Industrial situations. It incorporates the highest standards in NBC protection with exceptional comfort, reliability and wearer acceptance.
Dual filter connections facilitate left or right-handed operation. Close-fitting design is compatible with tactical equipment used in field operations such as optical, communication equipment, shoulder-fired weapons, NBC protective clothing and helmets. FEATURES:
NIOSH approval TC-84A-3320 (Negative Pressure) P100/OV/AM/CL/HC/MA/CS/CN with SafetyTech International M95 Cartridge
NIOSH approval TC-23C-2188 (Positive Pressure) AM/CL/HEPA/OV with SafetyTech International C420 PAPR system including Safety Tech International M95 Cartridge
High-Quality chemical warfare resistant materials for Maximum Protection
Easy Donning, tight-fitting and sealing (8 Seconds) & Excellent Chin Support
Available in Regular and Small sizes and fits varying facial shapes and sizes
Wide T-bar sealing edge guarantees universal, comfortable anatomical adjustment with minimum pressure on the face
Comfortable Five-Point Head Harness For Extended Wear
Wide, Low-Profile, close-fitting Visor Expands Field Of Vision greater than 85% - even downwards
Filter placement expands field of vision, particularly downwards as it is out of sight and close to the natural center of gravity
Dual filter ports facilitate installation of 40mm NATO type cartridge or filter on either left or right of facepiece
Very Low Inhalation and Exhalation resistance with M95 NBC Cartridge
Speech Diaphragm provides clear, efficient and natural communication, enhancing safety and convenience
Silicone inner nose cup provides a comfortable fit against the skin and dual inhalation valves reduces CO2 content in the mask to < 0.36% and reduces fogging
Field serviceable parts such as Inhalation and exhalation valves and nosepiece are Color coded and are easily dismantled and reassembled by hand Optional Prescription Lens Frame
Optional leak-proof hydration port is available with internally mounted drinking straw for use
with optional drinking bottle and optional Camelbak® and Hydrastorm Tm compatible M95 Hydration Valve 20 Year faceblank Storage Life One Year Warranty 10 Year SafetyTech International M95 Cartridge Shelf Life TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS:
Promask 2000 Full Facepiece Air Purifying Respirator SAFETYTECH INTERNATIONAL M95 CARTRIDGE Shelf Life 10 Years (plastic wrap, plugs) Diameter 4.33 inches (110mm) Height 3.58 (91mm) overall Weight 0.70 pounds (320 grams) Connection EN 148-1 (40mm) NATO thread Body Material Reinforced Black Polyamide Approvals: NIOSH approval TC-84A-3320 (Negative Pressure) P100/OV/AM/CL/HC/MA/CS/CN NIOSH approval TC-23C-2188 (Positive Pressure) AM/CL/HEPA/OV (See Safety Tech International M95 Cartridge Data Sheet for additional details) Materials: Facepiece Halo-Butyl Rubber Inner mask Silicone Valve discs Silicone Lenses Polyamide
Breathing Resistance: Inhalation at 30 lpm < 0.45 mbar Inhalation at 95 lpm < 1.0 mbar Exhalation at 160 lpm < 1.2 mbar Carbon dioxide content < 0.7% Field of vision > 85% Intake of liquid > 250 ml/min
Temperature range from -58°CF to +150°F Storage life 20 years Filter connector thread EN 148-1, diameter 40mm Weight < 550 g, 865 g with cartridge Carbon dioxide content < 0.7% Ground Shipping estimate $8.00 We also accept Paypal. Order Now!

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