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RadDetect Sorry We Are Sold Out/Item has been replaced with LC Radiation Monitor
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Code: RD1250
Price: $169.00

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We have replaced this item with the LC Radiation Monitor(Popular & dependable. Now you can monitor radiation if a nuke or dirty bomb goes off!
Detects both Gamma and Beta radiation from Radioactive Iodine (I-131) released during a nuclear accident/attack.
Handy, convenient RadDetect goes on your keychain so you’ve always got it with you.
Always on 24/7 Audible and visual alerts Dirty Bomb Detects: • Cesium-137 • Iridium-192 • Thallium • Cobalt-60 • Strontium-90.
Other keychain-style detectors don’t detect these because they use lead as a moderator. Rad Detector is the ONLY keychain-style detector that detects Beta radiation, which includes the Strontium-90 in dirty bombs.
Key features of the RadDetect: • PRD 1250 Dual Mode Radiation Detection • Auto-alert with Directional Feature • Diagnostic Alert exposure-level analysis. How does it work? Detects Low Energy Radiation down to 30 kEv X-Ray. Perfect for Nuclear Reactor Accident or Nuclear Bomb Fallout - With the presence of I-131, emergency heath officials may call for the administration of potassium iodide. Real-time reporting: Monitors 24/7 and instantly reports (less than a second) when radiation levels are rising and falling so you know when you are in a safe area. Advanced Technology - Replaces older CDS cell technology found in other keychain-style detectors with a high-grade photodiode/scintillator w/linear photodetector & direct conversion. This eliminates temperature sensitivity induced false-alarms and slow 3-5 minute low-level reaction time found in other keychain-style detectors and adds the capability of detecting Beta radiation such as strontium-90 (possibly in a dirty bomb) and radioactive iodine (I-131) emitted from a nuclear reactor accident or fallout from a nuclear bomb. • Widest alarm range - 75mR/hr to 2000R/hr. (Other keychain-style detectors detect only 100mR/hr to 50R/hr.) • 2-year Warranty. 100% Parts and Labor warranty. Twice as long as any other keychain-style radiation detector. How does the RadDetect PRD 1250 detect radiation? The RadDetector has a dual-mode sensor. Direct Conversion and High-grade scintillator w/linear photodetector (indirect). Direct Conversion When a radioactive photon strikes a depletion region created by reverse bias on the photodiode, it produces a small amount of charge in proportion to the photon's energy. The resulting signal is then amplified and processed by the CPU in the RadDetector. (Detectors that convert incoming radiation directly into the electrical signal are called direct conversion type detectors) Indirect Conversion Incoming radiation is converted by a scintillator material in our indirect conversion type detector, where the radiation energy is first converted into the visible light. The visible light is then captured by the photodiode and converted to an electric signal. The resulting signal is then amplified and processed by the CPU in the RadDetector. In other words the sensor converts directly and indirectly incident radiation into an electric signal that is sensed and processed by a small computer. Direct conversion is accomplished when incident radiation strikes the depletion region of our sensor which then outputs a small electric signal. Indirect conversion occurs when incident radiation strikes the radio-luminescent material (which then emits light). The photodiode converts light into an electric signal. Direct: Radiation strikes depletion region of our sensor A small electric signal is created. The resulting signal is then amplified and processed by the CPU in the RadDetector. Indirect: Radiation Radio-luminescent material (converts radiation to light) > Our sensor (converts light to an electric signal) The resulting signal is then amplified and processed by the CPU in the RadDetect. Protect yourself and family with this device.
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