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GERM GUARDIAN Kills 99% Germs
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Proven Technology Makes the Difference
The Germ Guardian is a unique product specifically designed as an air sanitizer to kill bacteria, viruses and germs. It is unlike anything you have seen or used before. Forget ionizers and filters, this is completely new. The stainless steel and aluminum Germ Guardian takes in germs, bacteria, viruses, (airborne agents) and neutralizes them without the use of filters. It then streams sanitized air into the room. How does the Germ Guardian work? The secret is the patent-pending Ultraviolet-C "safe technology." The powerful germ killer in the Germ Guardian is intense Ultraviolet-C energy, also called UV-C. The unique polished aluminum cylinder reflects and concentrates the UV-C energy, intensifying its sanitizing power. With its powerful whisper-quiet fan, the unit draws germ-filled air into the cylinder. The intense UV-C energy renders the bacteria, viruses and germs harmless, and then directs the flow of sanitized air back into the room. Germ Guardian destroys airborne microbes passing through the unit, including Influenza-A, Streptococcus, and Staphylococcus. Germ Guardian also reduces molds and fungal spores. The Germ Guardian air sanitizer is even registered with the EPA as a pest control device. Remember, The Germ Guardian is unlike anything you have seen or used before. Germ Guardian is not an air purifier or filter. Most ordinary air purifiers or filters are based on a HEPA filter system or are ionizing air cleaners. They are typically made of plastic and are not designed specifically to destroy germs, bacteria or viruses. The Germ Guardian is not an ionizing air cleaner. The Germ Guardian does not produce ozone. The Germ Guardian is not considered an air sterilizer, either. The term "sterilizer" is typically used to describe products used in commercial applications into which utensils or other objects are placed to be sterilized. Again, the Germ Guardian is an air sanitizer - a device that destroys airborne bacteria, viruses and germs. This technology is totally different from ionic air cleaners and HEPA-type air filters. The Germ Guardian, has also been tested and proven in an independent laboratory by Dr. Melvin First, a leading authority and Professor Emeritus at the Harvard School of Public Health. In his laboratories, his tests showed that the Germ Guardian product destroys over 99% of targeted airborne germs and will destroy common household airborne germs as well. The Germ Guardian is a great way to keep you and your family healthy all year long with fresh sanitized air. And you save money too by not having to purchase air filters ever again!
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